This project investigates the role of E-Scooters in mobility. It tries to understand how they are used, how they could be used, and how to build a safe infrastructure to make them an attractive first/last mile solution in dense and vibrant cities. The project has carried out a detailed study on how scooters are used in downtown and midtown Altanta: Shared E-scooters: Business, Pleasure, or Transit? The results are surprising and show significant business and parking trips, as indicated in this 2-D Origin-Destination matrix. 

2-d matrix
number of rides origin sensitivity


E-scooters provide a unique and innovative approach to personal mobility. This project aims to explore the uses of e-scooters to increase accessibility and create first mile/ last mile solutions. E-scooters can transform mobility in various parts of Atlanta and the project works with the city and with the Midtown Alliance to explore various possibilities. 


Pascal Van Hentenryck
Pascal Van Hentenryck

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