Socially Aware Mobility Lab
A research lab dedicated to solving the "first/last mile" problem, traffic congestion, and fostering sustainability.



Albertson ISE Magazine

Atlanta Pilot: ODMTS

-- This project aims at piloting an On-Demand Multimodal Public Transit System in Atlanta.

Albertson ISE Magazine

ISE Feature Article

-- Courtesy October 2019 ISE magazine, the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

Inaugural INFORMS TSL Seminar

-- On-Demand Multimodal Transit Systems: Capturing Travel Mode Adoption & Assessing Resilience


On-Demand Multimodal Transit

An On-Demand Multimodal Transit System intends to mitigate the first-mile/last-mile problem, congestion, and foster sustainability. 

Community-Based Trip Sharing

atlanta highways at night

Community-Based Car Sharing aims at building large-scale trip-sharing systems organized around communities.

Large-scale Real-time Ride Sharing

Cars with ride sharing signs on them

Think Lyft and Uber with waiting time and service time guarantees and ride-sharing optimization.



E-scooters have shown to be a innovative and fast-growing mode of personal transportation. This project aims to understand the role of e-Scooters in mobility.

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